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    November 28, 2013
    7:00 - 8:01pm PST  

welcome to watch it all started out on all stupid upcoming up the falls and gets tons of dates and some sour saber rattling the east china sea that got the whole world on tender hooks the us japan and south korea. all to find a new chinese air defense identification zone now up for now the chinese holding off on further hostility. a lot of tough talk is a case of beijing's
going to first. why is this fresh escalation come and go ahe so soon after the announcement of major reforms that could fundamentally change chinese society will be asking can the false identity. the study are alone in his room and say hello once again to clear product thank you cards like these on the headlines that all is it that says i'm not cool and easy to gather for some it's off to ukraine shock decision to sell plants the fact that integration another that they cautioned car ride between supports is that the muslim brotherhood and security forces. this after stringent new deal with costs which all the bands protests. thailand's prime minister calls for an end to protests of the winning end of confidence vote in parliament and it makes its destruction demonstrate to cut electricity supply to the national police headquarters. in a bizarre
and onions for a summit on the blocks east and expansion they were expected to sign on a starry trade deal with ukraine and so had some tough questions for president again in private to announce last week he was backtracking to pat me on to russian pressure the japanese johnson and grammatical says it's not too late. if that integration. he didn't wear heels that will make it very clear that the eu has green tea to wilkins ukraine as an associate member of the eu is making to sign the association agreements however i don't have any hope that upon and this time at the door is opened the packaging of a computer many caring in the government's decision to self class of further integration with the eu spots massive price and sometimes which are continuing on to the fire reports. around the clock protests in independence square. as demonstrators in kiev vowed to keep up the stretcher
the year the enchanting and crannies europe thousands of pro european supporters arrived in force. continuing in their week on demonstration against the government's decision to abandon the european union in favor of strengthening ties with russia. many braved freezing temperatures to camp overnight. to make sure their voices are heard. this is all just warms and promised the president agrees to sign the free trade deal with the eu. if the president doesn't comply with the will of the peoples. he will stay here until the end. in any of them to comply with the people's will. i will stay till the end when the evidence that the postion while independence square was packed with protesters about one hundred government supporters staged a mock funeral. symbolically burying their countries of the polls ties to europe. the leader of a pro russian troops an agreement with the eu itself
in ukraine. across the border and this is only an economic agreement which will really won ukraine's economy. you see now that even the president is saying that ukraine will suffocate because of this agreement it's a pity to be understood this to meet with these two men assaulted the door we all fell into the abyss. i keep looking with victory on a cold which is government says ukraine cannot afford to sacrifice trade with russia for closer ties to the eu. so as kiev intensified talks with brussels in recent months. russian retaliation by imposing publishing trade sanctions c e jets weather being fresh class as the principal says of the whittlesea and security forces according to medical sources at least one pass and has been killed. they sat car unit that's it she would release using the gas and water cannon to discuss the test is defined in all parts of the weekend restricting demonstrations they gathered that to denounce heavy prison
sentences handed to twenty one female month as the misanthropic. they expected to get to mom instead they killed him he is behind bars. twenty one female muslim brotherhood sports is some as young as fifteen. hastings uncle egyptian achieved by governments increasing crackdown on protests is the youngest most of present times until it's done eighteen. the rest to spend the next live in the hay is in prison. the creek were arrested by police to mount a bit during the protests for the reinstatement of former presidents mohamad will see wednesday's sentences come on the heels of unusual requiring gatherings to be free of trees while ortiz but it's not just islamist supporters in the government's sights on wednesday hundreds of secular activists demonstrating on every day on his security forces detained over a dozen women for dropping them in the desert in the middle of
the mites. we would use to increase. you have to do the unbelievable to a deluxe a handful of companies what if people were sleeping peacefully. then we feed them for several hours. read them although i will re visit his dvd in the oval. it's an intimidation tactic seen before on to the mubarak regime. rights activists claim the government's new crackdown is even stricter than any in place under the ousted former presidents the kerry states your car a base to ej special as my mom and i lived on john and he said uconn force people to stay off the streets on the crossing or a princess was finished. they owe it to be a walk in a dork and i love it or think about that they did in the government
in place to put that into it given that i don't want anybody to put that their will. looking for a fortune for them to the thieving miserably as you can see below and the challenge of being right for the crappy day. the surprising that people what crisis optional cents. with that. in a good thing but that didn't happen during the panel that about me and you cannot control people but for it. you know it it didn't open it took a lot of um. i reached into the intricate rather that led the probe a diamond and every egyptian i'll have that in him and then had to go up and put that what they don't like about the good lord it is foolish. sam and thailand prime minister has survived in a confident states and condiments. not shown a lot cause i managed to put a stop to anti government protests now and then fifth day demonstrates as he munched on several ministries say the government is controlled by the exiles brother tax and national much the discus on the hostel with a paci and i
know it's holding a comfortable majority in parliament's embattled prime minister taking the dog should know what to cook hearty and visits defeats. as expected the tiny decrease the picture in a confidence but it may cut results. with two hundred and ninety seven members of parliament supporting how many hundred and thirty four wanted her removal. in short be off to digital channel wants addressed the nation. it was like old will demonstrate is to stop at rallies anti government buildings and to say that the government can receive them lah. that'll be despite a cool mass demonstrations is still taking place across the country like they're outside the defence ministry by the royalists opinion of me that really it's true test is around events they will not give up until the prime minister leaves office. she creates the country were unable to help the people people aren't spending money came from the proceeds from
the rear seats up to teach everyone. it all started with their brother thompson billionaire businessman taxing center walks is going to get points if you're in torrents. many of the demonstrate to see the former prime minister as corrupt and a threat to mauna kea. anti government protests started weeks ago when the real ink onto trucks across an amnesty bill to enable his return from the lasagne is to use nation became legal in belgium the lawmakers that debate sing an extension to the bill that would allow children suffering from ten oh one assist on stock to stand then iced the base expected in the coming months. polls say that three courses of belgians are in favor of that though sean so it looks supporters of euthanasia for miners say it's a humane option and a practice that already exists in belgium to sign the bill. the bill would allow doctors to be any perform euthanasia on children under certain strict
circumstances. third question must be made by the child to be suffering from a terminal illness or unbearable physical pain. doctors cannot perform euthanasia without the consent of the child's parents or guardians and a psychologist times to search to find that the time fully understands the decision something critics of the bill say is too great a burden for young patients. it suited me know. this decision puts a huge weight on my mind at that time that the port child laying out a few days were few weeks to live. and then he said. pediatricians in favor of the lawless the children's tent on the right to the same options as adults. why i said that i will not suffer. from this disease. the chairman and acting. this is the last scoring option. nobody wants to do that. and nobody died
it was. the vocal opponents is the catholic church which is against euthanasia and assisted suicide in all circumstances use them as a serious alternative. i need to catch me which announced the and often liked to happen in the best conditions possible. you see. but lawmakers to back the change say both options can co exist belgian isn't the first country to debate euthanasia for minors in deeper netherlands sick children as young as twelve can still choose to and airlines. it's happened only handful of times since the bill was introduced in two thousand and two. second the new samsung has time to cross abt cos i folded it a try. many thanks for that claire pride in the newsroom. it seems as though china for now has going for us japanese now south korean aircraft flying over the east china sea their response to a new air defense song to me last saturday by beijing
sometimes dispute with japan as washington and tokyo state's long planned joint maneuvers in the area and china responds with its own naval exercises. those waters are getting mighty crowded genuine. regional fears an escalation or an axe could trigger a cough but also how washington a long time i lied to and stays out of a brewing arms race remains to be seen all eyes next week will be on vice president joe biden the visits tokyo seoul and beijing. the timing of course on the domestic front china's new party leadership has just announced major reforms that could redefine the notion of private property and slowly scrap emerging giants one child policy which direction is beijing really take it home and with its neighbors today and of cos can get today china blinks first it seems with us from london based young soon of the soul as china institute thank you for joining us here in the day thank you. his office with
him and rio residents of the asia center. just back from beijing. thank you for being with us. cause i kept on roy dean was based in the chinese temple for six and a half years also with us and criticized any means i'll also talk to the mosque turned his back is with us your books include obama's world thank you for being with us the prospect of today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hushed and two for today. now the time but dangerous waters you know what you think of the strait of hormuz one third of the world's oil transit between iran and saudi arabia. it seems as though perhaps it's now being trumped by the east china sea is that troy's body of water to his military strategists insomnia. on the look at this map. why is it such a big deal to those disputed arms when no one lives and the solicitor that the ions they are on and it is however they are strategically
important. bt sydney a very sad. the center's security as other groups of islands in the vicinity as well and we all share this strategic importance that position. i was of course there are these oil reserves hydrocarbon reserves. gary smith says and of course though so that their rich in marine life also said the city of great importance not just to china to japan also added to taiwan as well because people like to know that he's the only soul. is it about. natural resources or is it about the old contentious differences between china and japan. i think the contentious differences between china and japan in the nationalistic fervor that comes up is actually me and it squirts. this is why the situation is a scary thing because china is says the silence of the artists and set the tone that i needed to be the same as ours as well were very close to the eyes. using this city and in walking distance to a
state fridays is really drawing thing for politicians to see her standing up for not going to my goal as innocuous and continue seatbelts in all countries is to sneak in advertisers to tie in the course he's doing it. it's awesome. why is it coming to a head now. and that keeps the summit evening too and it's thomas politics also named to the obvious come into politics. because the messina politicians say stay heavy from my viewpoint a politician you can pen name may cost the becos of me a teacher caught me and the mom from the fruit we color outside. so for the lack of products. ms come and see also it's the blind side and use it because of the keys to the historical content. it wipes out the push in this case and i are not the summit
we also at bay. it is different from the movement of eighteen euro. europe optus think to look more towards the society property and on occasion. he commonly understand that this kind of idiocy long time i make. if they succumb to the spirit soul pop key is to a shop with historical let them out with me i would have made a command that happened inside the ruc the diesel demand some assume all from the german pop become a politician had on this comic the issue of costs of the current education. it is difficult. it is to go on different senior years he has to do the japanese side as being the problems office of the midfield when you meet the press. in the west. it's all is if it was the chinese instead. well it is due to be the key point is a tricky one he mentioned. we wanted to two different speech means that we managed and weaker
activity is tarnished. use the euro. why did he know there was nothing like finishing this and that making which we we we we lost i'm sorry economic students moved on over and that japan and china which is taking part in any missing. and it's sometimes. he's on our own rights. he is against the colts too much for the dependency japan and china. and you realize that the three countries being very dependant one on each arm. y'know what. well you could not. he thinks they should not be peace. second he opens it he he he. as happens in the shop you can get used to inject rooms and redwoods finishing second lap was just me that the incident
he knows he's at reading writing students can cost between china and japan during previous years you into his glove and japan. we always had ups and downs meaning that the tools of the school we managed to put it to haunt the point of time you create effective cost just like he too could tease you with it so yes there are reasons to be concerned holyrood talk about the dominion be forced to think that we all he meets regional countries and even reviews and it comes to you to have people who do this don't you full of duty the review points. people come to a two to two counts of serious themes he does come up quite confusing so you're saying we've sort of random reader in me even though we've seen south koreans also unique in our sufferings also one of its airspace. the americans quick to scramble was the fifty two
is up and up to the air. were you expecting this american response when you saw that statement out of china last saturday saying this was now a protected zone. this is the current surprising because they hope to make sure that the topic of the eyes of the type tool connections to speak open space that doesn't mean a result of negotiations in the chinese argument goes that depends on existing many other countries. the soldiers to fight the wind was gone my review was perhaps a bid to reduce prison sentence was not they will. pmp which by the chinese side so the little surprised by the dpp tunes from america so did the one thing that we have seen is the fact that americans of steps in. he knew that after the speech would have been. exhausted and the strongest in the period very variable in so there is now a period where the tensions around
the tree trees. it's time to trees blue and stamped the trees is getting. i have little hope of danger perhaps it's a new confrontation and resuscitate its we've seen that there's been some statements on the contrary tree out of beijing. this thursday of the defence ministry saying that this air defense identification zone does not mean an expansion of existing territory. the canon for more effective protection of the security of the country's territory. now the rhetoric has been very heated this week on monday the chinese ambassador to tokyo was summoned and the prime minister of japan called no punch. i've still got to disguise it. china has recently claimed its territory. they are talking as if the skies are both sick china is enabling the nest and i he's totally acceptable. either that
the typical up the mess that will cost. japan has always accused were tarnished other countries up with old reflecting on their own team boss wants to just let the air. the magistrate. it was changing the status quo this can lead to regional tensions and confrontation and jeopardizing regional security. i think the international community will make a fair judge her for a call for a chat to missions and was saying a moment ago. and he thinks japan and. mr japan. mr update is a nationalist. it's easy in those cases it means to an end to the brains to keep you on the outside observers into an even thinner than this. this coincidence both cups. they say one thing which is that some of the mental revolution in an interim committee today that the peoples of asia. you do not mention south korea but tensions between south
korea and japan are on the street. in the uk. a period of japan. in the last entry. jesus was sold after more than tension this and that he has been said before the japanese attorneys in the koreans of them. earliest history. and i seasoned the statements by hitchens arriving from japan. selling of milk to make things easier for the asian neighbors japan and the americans. would you say in this case that china is effectively talk itself into a corner and beijing has blinked first. it's a bit of detail because we see with the developments of the weekend but you can see clearly that they are testing options that seem to be a bit of words and see all of his agree a binky mean who would return to the time the real problem he and not to bring anything into despair. i think we have seen a constant
loop i try not to mount at baby clothes on. very often to combat boots but never as much but it's bs going on students to think dream whereby you always dreamed it all. i don't think china is in the position was to be in position when we come from beneath the power and reach base an impression on me strongly. i was i was talking to him try to integrate beijing people were preparing for war going on and i was talking to me through the complete knowledge of christ. analysts often in pike's quarter rise in both the time for trying on beauty reading and to confront it to be working towards going from wall st detroit twenty oh three is a disease so many deaths of many things to fix that room. ug pg. answer me
these shoes are totally different chemo right time two to two truths nineteen nineties. unless these achievements. we cannot take it. or an accident. it's great. it says it's aware of the toronto on tuesday. you won't know what no one can predict an accident of history and you were just increasing the tension of an accident in control. but time got the news and to see. on the scene the way both my and micro blogging site calmness and she does too. it didn't view to the week's events on the part of his government he said the immediate reaction is the embarrassing consequences resulting from that he also used it on with both of them. he considers own government had been phone three two adventures you agree with at least on
its own he was saying that so what what he's got his policy of announcing this announcing this. they said the zone and then having to sort of backed off an effect because now three other nations have flown over without asking permission. the call that adventure isn't announcing it and him with embarrassing consequences those were his words. that is the guy and i i think it is that with you this kind of seedy motel annum and somewhat and that also kind of funny comics recommended here on the other hand did. that's his save from lee called rationality it's the point of view. and it's come to the uc it's lovely presentation with the ppl at whatever beloved however you more to me you see the problem is the flow you see him stepping inside the tiny side and south korea also the japanese has
the territory to speak we see rock shop. a sydney man see if you combine that with so that we can see why hadn't the fifty s f of the week the street. in this comedy moment in the fact that simon mayo all work for either the economic rationale its lackeys that painted a kind of sepia so. the man's face and what is the media. what's the next move by beijing. how are they what was going to happen next. update see the outback ishat because the pay for this half of the territory in the media speculation is different from a tokyo speculation that is why you see in the los i did say a wee tots that keep our stand for what could be because it's made all the lacking of that a republican affiliation to stand on its own happiness of coffee. i've seen in. the may they can that be at the fifty two sausages and let the sauce on it see it to be having the kind of a short
intention to torture at the scene and returned to the state or not the expertise to say it was just the view of the law of cause. on the other and that the agents viewpoints they come back from a history although they said. we call it tradition and eight is the copy on my soul that is the letter company can't do that if we always a new back to the return to the history that we have a lot of adults abortion we must that have some kind of. you see it for looking kind of use the similar show idea getting back to how long we've seen them all you have a medina me ask you. did you feel the week of that history we were working in china the deal especially at times that the university's tt's since the attention it's
clean and tidy and its neighbors in particular reference to these seeking to deal with for crying used in the business of issuing its own utc this drama. gradually these events do tend to run up to the un to miss a lot of losses the united states the thing people in china and placing things to say we hate the japanese way and it is just an instant rice to keep scanning continues to the risen dough stand the feeling than the people in china. very unwilling to cede any ground to stand and why an entire novel the wind despite the fact there is the close economic ties of what japanese people work in japan. but chinese people were to japan on a job he can work in china. why why is the breed of history still there so. one of these things are unresolved. there stood there still no result but still territorial disputes going on there so we think our apologies. you are a lot of talk but it means that the chinese people of the hat so we feel an apology. it's never going to come. i
suppose more prizes so on and it is a sense of an acute sense of injustice and that is felt by chinese people and it really to keep it to rethink and a tequila piecing these arguments and i that are in is getting stronger and i ate that day the country's getting more economically unstable as well to start with built in sense the middle classes. if you're in a lot with others and their wits end with the stars up in a window can take anymore. their teeth before going to break any of the reason is i believe is the solution is to turn and the fact that the steep system that very opaque outsiders to understand. this is making his thinking behind the music is and once processed and turning his really these are beautifully outside observers and full of creators including the institution political aspects. that explains the misunderstandings
the unwillingness result. and the state perhaps even in more ways to talk to each other like the americans out of it all the rest of the low teens. it was communication between the times you need to drill several obama on the comeback stay with us are watching the false and dad today. she said that this might seem easy. the second largest city in soviet armenia is way to the ground by the devastating earthquake twenty four years later. i don't know what is going to be dependent on me. i studied refills helping us become something to behold the population is now somewhat of a city's wednesday for the wrong approach to the middle. mix them in the country. sun
capital anyone in the world three languages. graham's ultimo. it's a real time soon also. see even more. it was fun continue. exclusive tweets from our reporters in defeat. as it happens the mice you'll cry. so we'll pay for content you want click the stop start a new design. with the new york sun kept experience never end welcome back door open if you just joining us before losing the cost and get to be to sample the stories in law rose city va will be falling at the top of the hour here on post and catch them again breaking news. you're on a quake near the share nuclear power plant. seven killed thirty injured. this according to emergency services. one student killed in clashes between supporters of ousted his mom's present home and more seed and security forces at cairo
university. syrian army. as recapture the strategic town of their ipa and damascus homes highway. this was the week after losing it to rebel forces. and. new york the traditional thanksgiving day for the central park west. sixteen giant food program did so because of high winds. after thanksgiving if you want us in the united states. this thursday. welcome back or commission just joining us this is the past been tipped to beat. we are looking at those rising tensions in the east china sea. there have been that. got up a notch since last saturday when the china announced in the air defence zone and an
air defense owned it since it will be followed by a flyover spy. first the united states and now japan and south korea with the top that more than my stomach soon. of the soul as china institute and studio office within a trio of present the asia center. how a movie scene. there has been good news desk and ten yen each meal up with a scientist whose books include obama is no world on this crisis by the way also the baptism of fire for an untested. us ambassador to japan. caroline kennedy the daughter of john f kennedy making her first major speech on the subject as ambassador on wednesday unilateral actions like those taken by china with their announcement of an east china sea air defense identification zone undermine security and constitute an attempt to change the status quo in east china sea. this only serves to increase tensions in the region. jenny
hill house caroline kennedy and aunts. she looks fine very regret the times when ofcom will use to appoint the people like this ride tower of the species i chewed on the species in japan as an ambassador of a local news coverage the media. at the wheel. due to the inclusive or two worlds was he who comes out. haha said in a room. i think to the faithful coming to town often just that. warm pour the melted soap united states through time and its role just before they're just too far one of our discussion next week. the us vice president he'll be visiting tokyo to visiting seoul will be visiting teaching. what's he got iti think he's thinking no way i have some type of action. remember that you do things the key to choose which to build up his
own world sometimes too suppose to be tried before and it's not supposed to be a reaction. the announcement even though everyone knows it so what is this next step you try to be teachers again and i have to explain why you did. acoustic and explaining that that was it the plan. in this life which is which is the official on weekends it does not constitute all new on to you within two of the trip and leave the usual rule the united states to play in the region and we just eat and it may be a complete march near the area since he is starting the first is to the top. and by the dentist this is the content. he and clinton. when we could see mimi you whisk milk. we are so mean as strongly approve
and growing region. there are fifteen team penske. it was even more. i think i've only gone very quickly. is it any more except that some of the season all kind of re affirmation of the house and he will indeed to have to re print will be and they have to compete time friends who should know where we are cheering up. back to asa decency and the feelings to return to the scheme to defraud zero pm and finished on design andill lift untouched and in various tension between japan and china all you need to use ear to the fact that the team we've been. she baked me recently for use in due course what he deemed beyond the arc until september when he was kept by force by climbing up to two weeks. so with the army. and. the you mentioned there has been many stops and starts when it
comes to the current us administration's policy when it comes to china. and to the far east to barack obama when he took office said it was going to be a major priority. um but he's always seemed to have had other issues that cropped up. for instance around washington for the budget kept us present from attending last months as the un summit in brunei instead. as the secretary of state representing. washington at that summit and said the suit a family photo john kerry's defeat and and we go towards the middle and in the middle of course defiantly you've seen them in others. and she sees the pain is up front and center there. the theme in the middle of of all those world leaders and on. stops and starts to happen in the past brief. this latest
incident in east china sea this is a chance and come by and visit next week which has made people forget about that asean summit in the midst of an extended to me it's yet to come. this is. the it's only recently that the emergency situation. the vice presidents to know about me isn't that the conference this is perhaps something that we haven't been to the state. i believe it was a mistake for samoa. despite the descriptions above to watch and see snow boots only be a demonstration calling for a nice play on states to come out is a strategy of the unseen. rising tension between two key allies in the states and the emergence of a nice chat with one cramping so he is. perhaps this scene is the fact that biden in united states in general would have to come up with something. she is breech and i would say between korea
and japan because the tension between two cities and major impediments to inefficient here is one use sustainable strategy for the nation will be no dressing them up for it these communications between the three asian contents to your statement that word we read and or overlooking korean actually asking me to do it for him. it's its enduring plastic tube. just look at the region. note to optus only up to speed and then ending the two three of them because north korea for instance in christ that itself could as a dream role to play. you see that coming on twitter showing my support for japan and other nations impacted by insecure chinese aggression in the region. but a nice young so now i'm a mom ask you which is joe biden he's saying. two prime minister of day when he visits tokyo the japanese who are saying that more and more
if they want. um to be able to have their own re armament policy. in that case the plaintiff out the fall far from enough from a child is to find today to see if the chinese the conti new push her all the cob and i'm kind of connection. what the team of codex shoes bought japanese side that it was honestly going to the minute relaxation kind of developnt. of cos. in this case and that all will pass of the illustrious events just that it will pass the company though my cast the sole every ball they say we beat them at the moment i'm contemplating trust election in cusco for you and you can leave the country from among the new fund to use a lot to us that you see the sacrifice the mountain and the trust that awful day is coming smoke on the peak
district. i hope he can say something like that to the upholstery site. it's me and the dishonesty from you her up. it wouldn't be the way i feel. however hats this mission is difficult. i cannot see it in the shelter off ebay is some kind of the creeks abortion because the law makes the team on the old politics seem to be that time in korea. sit still politicians and the multitude who commit or not. kind of people have their macarons japanese prime minister you are the mouse that obviously a ten year dismissal. saw a baby that she bought it. always smart a botnet that uncommon for the whole arrangements promising matches also paint the kind of sites i was a opinion right now pressuring the politicians to take a tough stand. now of scenes that apec summit that we saw there was the recent typhoon
in the philippines with the united states. it was first with relief deploying its military might said to help out. in the relief effort. aircraft carrier beijing. first pledge hundred thousand dollars eventually upping the total to ten and one point six million and tougher for them and peel the moon the chinese. again after the excitement of new onset of a trump the united states in terms of soft power in terms of diplomacy here they are where the americans now the typhoon. why is it that the chinese. didn't didn't missed sort of a chance to say humanity it is and most of the accounts they need to on a well known that there is the use of intentions. both the us thousand items not talking about fools. the second. then
we had beef with the use of its targets. he is forced to adapt proved to be ten days each year and fortune a consensus between the two victims and others company we are contending for something that is the space and time tested on the pins and for the other ones you're talking a typhoon has killed thousands. it's not in politics be. well i think this is the not so gentle reminder that the awesomeness of contention. i mean a real test of power peacefully not the appropriate for the movie we have to talk a bit more that's what it is china sort of analysis due dates wheezing time now and then the cell phone and how the pelicans. i think these is something we choose not to dundee and stewed plums are you. the key values explanation. second to none so follow up. he had caught
a lift for the u s cellphone was soo long. because you helped. posted in soo much you'll ended. once it's only up to the wall. china has not hit me he's very close to home alone. who knew he looked about and fifty which goes along he then admitted he couldn't accept it and it constitutes its not get to the nanny's even chinese peak of ninety. at some point. i think they are also the guy who see this as i'm not certain it's the pursuit see wicked the most authentic state today it would fit in the community action team got a lot of people were saying this is the massive mess up the qc for the chinese because right at the peacock this enormous beach to soak our items and clues in the area is two to the contentious relations
between the philippines the chinese this is probably will. still that that initial and that the chinese can of course so much more. i stood there in position in rugby team to sign up and i think he's a neat ending the end of the nice conception the air other than to be the strength of china as you said me me me me me. those who wish to wean off week since he did so in some ways less than that of strong showing. not to be honest you'd do well to wheat works now. you may not choose foods of contention in accounting the kids. you have to make some christians. then everything happened as if it was just one tiny very difficult to find the right still a long time but chose instead to turn on some reasons we can post that does not go with me since the early for good because this week so that they can
you may want to speak of strength because his knees he has been a week to week mission to get a seat in eighteen fifty temples after picking and an anesthesia and as we see in any case here today. we have increased musician trying to increase builders richmond to hand some are doing a little bit of tongue in cheek on the part of the daily telegraph's ambrose evans pritchard he says that the government might be keynesian stimulus. it doesn't go horribly wrong. he writes in his piece in an asian arms race would almost certainly tackle some of the underlying causes of the long man as in the western economies. he would soak up much of the asian savings glut in the access that extra capacity in china would help to narrow the perennial east west trade gap man is it began as an element of a tongue in cheek and that is an arms race the center of
the links and fingerprints but i don't think it would be the year. more snow is awful welcome all those things and it speaks to his legitimate than normal but turn on the net that was actually realizes its own as well and asserts its own authority the region that its scientists the way is that the seized on it when it is in real terms has been the scene was the sabbath and so as we've seen a soul to send him to the same type of offence. it seems we've seen is the means to put you to be begun in the ppt praises to me to observations the first one is as we've discussed before. been very nature of the businesses in china. in the recent history of the country. let's not go through. even a suspect in japan for old men two of them weird as this post the arctic ice fields. for molesting the judging is describing stewart. until one is in
the adf. i guess the fact that chinese country's most wanted someone who think and even to you the china threat of a time in the midst of our concepts simply did not exist the fact that it is chinese people are very different and more different in the main action. and some concert on getting our policies or not all emotions you say to me were different but that brings us to the issue that spin top of the news this past month the recent bottom of the communist party with the leadership. set out the main goals for the coming decade. and if they make good on those goals is quite radical. not only things at the end of labor tax but major land reform especially in rural areas. and easing and perhaps eventually it gets you could see it going towards the scrapping of one child policy. my stomach so um. this set. china that's hard to read as is in the commune was saying. easy
can it become easier to read yes a kiss. picasso left in it. but what caused all this info with apple. it looked me in the chemo preface a weeding out on what color to the mosque the majority of them are eighty c for ten years just say we must it have a snack stupidity otherwise the matt costa cruises with the would be of any content. at the same day at school that the commission says that's not to open a consensus that a i was correct. menu we we we already own one. on the time declining because of the suicide victim oh crap many say is the way they belong to a cd of how fast they have a fix that kind of fluke weeks before old creaky back for soul mates come to due date is that the commies hockey the location of
the next little puny and from my viewpoint. you can see the lights and you think that i hear that that the current leadership in china can make good on things like reforming the judiciary which is also in there land reform. neither a fall i am not who i am all optimistic kind of the new opponent but to compare sure that i ate them all because it is. the you are a receipt to say the uc have of what to call. i have the attention from the sample to the local imam of the park and i'm still you have a strong local hockey and minds souls on the if you have a complete array kang told that by pot the night he went to codynd four result only. it is that if the club to have a kind of food. this is repeated and surrender them and giggle to fall into the deep end
attachment so that she is with all honesty all tasted the warfare of a rather live in the fall maybe it isn't that important look at islam and the reef own kind. lewis was a creepy for may. you see it and the pharmacy now than it's because a matter of minutes and three it is a taste of fall the future if all and he ends up in the store the other fishermen in it. also the media can there be a gradual evolution toward something. that said it's more open and also is is this is the son. some of the old sheet and kings team as the as the most reformist since then gel pen. yes and no actually there were a summit last week. not too hot and we're expecting. he had to respond and when you remember this whole plan in the evenings helping make as
the tide is going onto the stool is to not knit in beating back yet. in the fall was shown on more symbolic than me he didn't shoot the future. demand in china is facing political they would tend to breed. he's totally achievable. chu chu kang to touch the one thai police he was in school. i use the money and you don't need much to achieve its students the content bean then made his way to small cloth. because you touched in the city the huge amount of people because you know that he thinks too much time to change to four counts three and two overall two dollars to companies which was one of the phone which was expected but has yet to be seen. and you can also use it soon the peoples might be easy the rule people call them cute. and i think that is as smart as can be hard to resume the jury's still out on whether how old these
reforms are a huge sale so the jury's still out on cheating on the one hand is this guy is studied in america one client who who who seems very open. it is also employed maoist rhetoric when needed it is unclear as to think that we did the third leading man in the results were seen off as he does it seem more about i've done its duty he's issuing his reforming a lot more he's been more towards the kind of thing which is interesting and i'm still thinking why is it that diminishes and the things that she strides in pj's the solidifying and the state power the release of the defining the power of the precedent is while overseeing the new state security to be. being in nancy's he is hoping the anti corruption drive to try and meet saturday in a bit more unsavory aspects of chinese politics sent me realize that the people but there really
is i'd just eighteen days to try to solidify his power solidify that office. i'm taking greater control over things such as the instant mini tea and some mini aru penned a piece in the french daily to mourn this week were you spelled out some of the reforms there on the table you finish reading a piece you think this is just impossible mission impossible yet that the peace about that. additional rules for domestic use in china has developed it was testament to the everything is kept in state prison. these days so it didn't open. and bottom and the cap. god goes by the state on its two then maybe tt's a way to get some more specific duties for a private dance of regional dance companies in the end and people in china managing their own wealth and therefore it is a way to know that stephanie to be the best sense of responsibility in
petitioning the big sphere it is more speculation and neutral the openings. then than anything it's because i believe it has been so uncertain what it was just a wood smoke signals tell you where it sits a bit of a button swap where i think is the first of the announcement in oakland in unison milk on the appointment was to be in a one point one c to zero comments that a one party system that is not self propelled gun. the stamping studio have to take everything as an insult and save for a hugo was followed by the chinese and she won one point two is that the action the goofball and more statistics even the weeds the aspects of chinese knife then he said one child policy. the other was of discontent and potentially me disrupt social stability hands. the people on charges. good night. in china based estate the car and the brewery for
the chinese edition remains to this to be in the lasting power of the one point system then maybe some anti corruption statements actions even. and it was a matter of fact ruling elite of benefits and yummy. from the economy. my son saw miss princess back before we go to war with a ton at the outset this crisis in the east china sea. when you put it in the context of that plan and it has just finished. is there a link or is just a coincidence. i do mean the eu crisis running up a foul pop by for the senate or the day is spent time at us. yes and that yes that says i'd think taco to me that because. chinese on basically if you do it's the way we always say that tiny that it is difficult on us that if the usa on days that copy
copy. that is the limited goal to read chinese so the quad to imagine what the state. saul. a copy at least the common policy. if you look at to the expansion pack to review its mac is this a beach on a new young determination and read it to the way i can eat. the trust the field with bacteria pot to a feeder team known to see the common packed into saving the sauce the sauce from etsy also be of activity about the japanese use the story in the naughty i think this kind of scene. so the cop airways this comment the topic the emotional kind of the you see on tv. comments and of cos. it would draw the outline and a shorter i've gone into other and also you see this. so as to its delicate maneuver is a nice delicate maneuvering on the domestic front and here it's an easy winner by being
nationalistic on foreign policy but the metro believe that there are one thing to licensing for joining some are joining us from london on with the sharpest but to make leo. danny me up. how timely team. thank you for being is here for the postman pat today. ch. throughout the week old son keeps you up to date with new sports news the action. the excitement with results showing that lead to a sports ground on monday to friday eight fifteen pm how it's going to ikea on sunday. woohoo lou
oh. use. it is. each. you
will is you. european leaders say there is no hope for a last minute change of heart in ukraine on financial integration but that's not stop tens of thousands of pro union protesters in central kiev. having just that trevor was in texas in a new high number of earthquakes in communities as locals in sight this point the finger at tracking box sound of a gun made using a three d